Verilog Links

  1. Rajesh Bawankule Center — Vlog FAQ, Tips, books, tools, jobs:
  2. Verilog Tutorial :
  3. Verilog Tutorial -Table of Contents: :
  4. Online Introduction to Verilog :
  5. Basic Verilog Examples :
  6. Verilog examples useful for FPGA & ASIC Synthesis:
  7. Verilog Reference Guide :
  8. Handbook on Verilog HDL:
  9. – Verilog for Functional Verification – free online tutorial with many examples.
  10. Asic-World – Extensive free online tutorial with many examples. :
  11. Premiere List of Verilog Resources on the Internet.:
  12. Digital Computer Courses (“Politehnica” University of Bucharest).:
  13. A Verilog Designers Guide – Doulos. Good for beginners.:
  14. Verilog-ams – Accellera Verilog Analog Mixed-Signal Group website.:
  15. Analog Verilog,Verilog-A Tutorial :
  16. Verilog Resources :
  17. Verilog Template Maker — Fill out a web form with module name, port names, etc., and automatically create your own template file for the circuit module and testbench module. Includes facility to create UCF file for XS-40 board, automatic insertion of standard prefixes on identifier names, and error checker for module and port identifier names :